Wild Woman – Lilith

Connecting to our wild woman within is to be in touch with our primal REAL self, the part of us that is free, untamed, unconditioned, not afraid to speak up, stand fully in our authenticity, claiming our rite as an Empowered Feminine Being.

Our wild woman has been suppressed for a very long time. This suppression has become part of our DNA, our imprint passed down from generations so much so that to be “wild” is seen as “out of control” “crazy and neurotic” or just plain “weird” and totally unacceptable in most modern cultures.

On a physical level our wild woman embraces and honours our goddess given body including the hairy legs and armpits! She especially embraces and honours the sacredness of the moon flow (menstruation). I am not saying you cannot be in touch with her with shaven smoother body parts, but to not feel shame or disgusted by this natural form of being– what was, before we were convinced it was unsavoury, unappealing or inappropriate.

To be in touch with our wild woman –

Tuning into the natural cycles, and their energetic influences on our physical, emotional and mental states. These include cycles of the moon, menstruation and seasons.

Honouring Mother Nature and all her beings, (including self) understanding all have purpose.

Trusting our instinct without question or second guessing. Walking to the beat of our own drum.

Acknowledging and expressing our anger and frustration, creating change, and transforming that fiery energy into passion and empowerment, rather than suppress out of fear of being judged or rejected.

Acknowledging our needs and doing what is required to have them met, without the guilt!

Living in a flow of curiosity and inquiry, keeping the channel of spiritual growth open, continually evolving honouring the feminine processes/cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Knowing sexual desire, pleasure and passion (including self-pleasuring) is a creative energy force, not to be shamed or degraded.

Taking responsibility, facing our shadow (inner demons or darker self-sabotaging traits) and accepting the need for learning what is meant to be learnt (no matter how confronting or challenging), knowing wisdom eventuates from this experience.

Learning to retain our own power, never handing over to another, creating feelings of weakness, neediness of approval, or comparing our self with others.

Lilith is one of the Wild Woman Goddesses that I resonate with, her story goes….

Lilith was the first wife of Adam in the garden of Eden. She was created from the earth (described in some texts as the spoils or dregs). When Adam and Lilith would make love, Lilith was expected to only lay beneath Adam, “below” him. Lilith would not accept this and did not like the fact that she was not seen as Adam’s equal. So, anger and curiosity took her off into the desert on a journey of discovery, seeking answers, which became an experience of spiritual awakening. She found other nature beings and entities with whom she experienced her sexual desires with,and learnt about the nature of the Beast within. Discovering and developing her truth, her knowing, communing with the natural cycles of Mother Earth – the source she was created from, as we all are. Her shamanic powers she developed enabled her to shape shift into a serpent allowing her to shed her skin of lessons learned, rebirthing into a new form of feminine being.

She set forth back to Eden ready to share her experiences with Adam, creating a “new” kind of sacred marriage. However, during this time Adam was gifted a new wife (from his left rib) – Eve, who was happy to live by the rules, to do what was expected of her. On Lilith’s return this discovery saddened and angered her! Not for herself so much as for the generations of daughters to come. Knowing what she knows, experiencing the true potent power of the feminine, she could not stand by and allow this disempowerment of the feminine. She shapeshifted into the serpent entwining herself in The TREE of Life. Eve was allured, offered the Apple (wisdom fruit of the tree). Curious maiden Eve, took a bite. We know the ending of that story, we as the descendant humans were punished and damned to a life of hard times etc.

Lilith has been portrayed in patriarchal time as a she devil, evil serpent in the above story, mother of devils including vampires (which incidentally was portrayed in the ‘True Blood’ series), manipulator and seductress, using her sexuality for evil manipulation. (raw sexual desire being seen as wrong and unacceptable in women of certain cultures and society classes). And as poor naïve, curious Eve was the whole reason we were damned, you can see why women in this time were treated as “lesser value” and feminine wisdom oppressed.

Snakes are a symbol of spiritual awakening/wisdom/mysteries/healing (to name a few and dependant on which culture) and is known to be a feminine energy. There is the fluid movement, shedding of skin (the old) – transformation (experience/lesson) – rebirth (the new). The Kundalini energy is described as a snake coiled at the base of our spine. The caduceus – an ancient symbol, is present in the medical field today, as a symbol of health. This symbol is in fact 2 x snakes spiralling up a staff (pillar of energy/connection between physical and higher self), with wings (symbol of the messenger/angels)….go figure…

So the way I interpret Lilith is that primal part of us that is instinctual, brave, impervious to limitations set on her by cultural expectations, and unafraid to speak her truth, “walk her talk”. I personally still face challenges with this, but through practices, getting to know her within me, and continued spiritual learning and development, she is more present in my inner circle of goddesses, always there, sometimes challenging me, but has my back.

I am sure you have experienced the lightness and freedom of when you get something that has been weighing you down, off your chest? Have you experienced those moments when you hear something that speaks to you, rings true to your core, resonates with you? This is her!

I feel her present when I am in the “wilderness” and there is that moment of awe, undulating appreciation of the natural wild beauty before me. This could be the sky at sunrise/sunset, a waterfall, the ocean, a mountain top view, the moon and stars, desert landscape or a very old tree., you know what that is for you.

In regard to shape-shifting in modern day living – I see this as a form (persona) we need to take in order to survive, (survival being a Lilith quality) even if only for the short-term, possibly for income, or to bide time in order to take a different path or create opportunity for change.

Below I have listed some Wild Woman practices/rituals. These are only suggestions, always stick with what feels right for you and your Wild Woman. If the Wild Woman is something you wish to bring more present in your life, like anything it takes practice. Just keeping her in your awareness as you go about your day, observing her in you, you maybe surprised what you discover about yourself.

Commitment Ritual – any type of celebratory ritual that works for you, making the commitment to embrace your inner Wild Woman. Creating and alter/space (this could be a small table/ shelf/ shoebox/ draw) with the elements (fire, air, water and earth) present, fire being a candle that you can light whilst speaking a prayer, poem or vows (written by you) to invoke your inner Wild Woman. Having a visual representation of her at your alter – which you can google or draw yourself. I also suggest doing this at full moon – time of illuminating what you desire or wish to manifest.

Dance meditation (with drumming), just moving your body as it pleases, possibly starting with the hips, letting them lead the rest of your body. The brain and ego is not involved, purely your body and heart, instinctually moving, Gabrielle Roth has some guided dance meditations available.

Connecting with your spirit animal. If you are unsure of what this is – what animal do you most admire or resonate with. This can be done during above dance visualising yourself as that animal – moving how it moves, or maybe creating a visual and listing the qualities of this animal you see or desire in yourself.

Getting out in nature, barefoot where possible, being present, noticing the smell, sounds, sensations, the visual beauty.

Dressing as a wild woman, whatever that is for you – wild hair, painted face/body, feathers, bones, shells, leaves, flowers etc. – dancing around the fire at full moon.

Inquiry practice through journaling – Something I like to do – Write the words “Wild Woman” in the middle of the page and around it write words or phrases that come up for you – don’t overthink it, whatever pops in your head write it. Then sit with what you wrote and acknowledge what feelings or awareness come up.

Write down and answer the following questions: –

What is my connection to the natural cycles? Am I in tune with them? (If you are unsure of what these are I will be posting information soon)

How do I react/what are my feelings about menstruation?

How do I honour my needs – emotionally and physically?

Do I allow myself to say “NO” to requests, without feeling I have to explain myself or have an acceptable reason?

Do I honour and communicate (to partner) my sexual pleasures and desires?

How do I express my anger and frustration, if at all? Do I take out unexpressed/pent up  anger on others (usually those I love and feel safe with)?

Do I speak my mind/my truth when it is required or bite my tongue not wanting to be judged?

Do I truly know and honour my self-worth? My place here?

Do I know I belong here?

What realisations arise from your answers? Write down what comes up. Even questions. Reflect on this. What action needs to be taken?






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