Inner Circle of Goddesses

The inner circle of goddesses exist within all of us.  They are a circle of archetypes/patterns of the psyche that contribute to our way of perceiving and living in everyday life.  Through this circle we can learn about ourselves – through myth, ancient wisdom and teachings, understanding the archetype, and discovering how they can have a positive or negative influence in our life.  Through this discovery we can truly get to know ourselves and create a life of empowered feminine living, stepping into our own divine feminine power.  This work can truly transform your life, as it has mine.  To empower ourselves through this work is to become the facilitator of this inner circle.  Being aware when one is overpowering creating shadow aspects, knowing when one is needed to step up and shed her light.   This inner circle of goddesses are waiting in your inner temple for you.  Waiting for you to hear and integrate their wisdom into your consciousness.  This is nothing new, more and more women around the planet are reconnecting with this ancient knowledge, raising the vibration of the divine feminine collective consciousness.  Creating circles of sisterhood – safe, sacred containers where this personal transformational work is carried out.  It often starts with a yearning, an unexplained  yearning for something that has been lost, a curiosity that has been sparked within your psyche, an unexplained dull ache in your heart needing attending, a desire for something more internally vs externally.  Sound familiar?


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